The Salvage Series

The Salvage Series expresses my design philosophy Enough is the New More which aims to reframe scarcity to feel like abundance. Contemporary society is organized around unsustainable principles that hold growth as the primary metric of success and value creation. Current sustainability narratives fail to take this into account, pretending to address climate change and resource exhaustion without targeting this fundamental economic paradigm shift that needs to occur. Any sustainability narrative that does not include a radical rethinking of the way businesses account for resource depletion, waste management and end-of-product-life redirection of materials is destined to failure. No technological breakthrough or behavioral shift will be enough without removing the mantra of constant growth as the primary metric upon which the wealth of nations is measured.

The Salvage Series contains an expanding series of consumer facing, fetishizable, design objects each of which is inspired by and fundamentally created from detritus procured in an around the last vestige of an industrialized New York City, The Brooklyn Navy Yard. Even as The Navy Yard itself begins to shift towards a more white-collar, technology-based tenancy there remains an artisanal and small industrial manufacturing base. Long a haven for artists, the detritus deposited around the Navy Yard has been as storied as Rosie the Riveter and the wartime output of “a ship a day” during the Navy Yard’s peak years of World War II.

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